Smart Pack

Smart Food/ Smart Pack/ Smart Solution

We want to be the #1 option for food companies when solving their needs of specialized packing, offering a prooduct and service of the highest quality, as well as favering the care of food, innovation technology and resources.

Offer advanced solutions in our specialized flexible packaging, in the order to permit the customers to minimize loss of  product and extend may arrive harmless, prolonging its shelf life, as well as ensuring that their products arrive safe, fresh and rich in flavor and nutrients to the final consumer.

It is made from high barrier and strength material also such as EVOH, PA and PE. Extra strength and durability to ensure no leaks.

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SmartPack Tecnology

Allows us to achieve an excellent barrier wich protects the packing of losing, gas, aroma, texture and consistency, as well as from contact with external agents.


We create a more valuable barrier package

Our products are developed on the basis of several resins, which permit us to create a package with excellent properties, these allow us to provide high protection to the contained foods.

Our packages achieve an extraordinary heat shrinkage at temperatures below the cooking temperature, becoming a second skin of the product, this with a high gloss and transparency, which makes it more attractive, gives the packaged product a good image and presentation for the customer in the market.

The various compounds and raw materials that we use to develop multilayers have their own unique barrier qualities, and combining them correctly ensures optimal protection of packaged products.

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